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Waverley Mills

New technology serves an historic icon

Waverley Mills has launched a crowd-funding campaign to raise funds to buy wool for production. Response has been amazing, with over 60 percent of our target raised in the first ten days alone. It’s always impressive how the Tasmanian community bands together to fix things. But Tasmania has been joined by the mainland, even by backers in Papua New Guinea, Texas, and Connecticut!

From our perspective, it’s a giant sale of our beautiful products. We’re doing this to secure our future: with an advance purchase of wool (our biggest requirement and our biggest financial commitment), we can begin to develop new products, even to reach out to new designers to expand what we do, and have been doing for so long. Which means… we might even be able to restore some products from our historic range. We’ve got archives going back decades  — who wouldn’t like a brand-new gorgeous travel blanket, knowing that the design first made its cosy debut in the 1950s?

Stay tuned — even better, jump online on the link on our website, Facebook or Instagram sites. Tell your friends. Grab a great bargain in time for Christmas. Let’s keep these looms cranking!

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